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Don’t stress, we deal with people in your situation everyday. Read below how we dealt with some of our clients in similar situations to you.

First time investor or rentvestor

As a first time property buyer getting onto the property ladder can seem like a daunting task. You know you want to build wealth through property, however, you’re either feeling priced out of your local market or you prefer the flexibility of renting. So, how are you supposed to get into the property market then? The one thing you know is that you want to purchase a property so you’ve decided on the strategy of investing where you can afford and renting where you want to live – we call that “rentvesting”.

  • Limited initial deposit
  • Feeling priced out of local property market
  • Prefer the flexibility of renting

Read our clients stories on how we assisted them as a first time investor with their strategy of rentvesting.

Read our client stories

Home-owner looking to build wealth through property

As a home-owner you’ve been thinking there are better ways to get ahead and build wealth, you’re just not 100% sure how to go about it. You know your property has increased in value and is worth more than what you owe. You’ve been thinking of putting this growth (equity) to use to build an investment portfolio as you look to plan for future life events such as having kids, paying school fees, paying off the mortgage early and funding your retirement.

  • Want to utilise equity in existing property to build wealth
  • Would like any property investment to have a limited impact on personal cash flow
  • Not sure where to invest and how to get started

Read our clients stories on how we assisted them in building their investment portfolio as a home-owner wanting to build wealth.

Read our client stories

Time poor experienced investor

You know what you want when it comes to property investing, however, you just don’t have the time available to do the research. You’re looking to engage with an ethical and reliable property firm you can trust, who can do all the ground work for you. You know what a good opportunity looks like and you’re looking to purchase something exclusive – not what all the other investors are buying. You’re ready to pounce once the right property gets presented to you!

  • Invested in property before
  • Lacks the time to do the research
  • Wants access to exclusive property investment opportunities that will stand out

Read our clients stories on how we assisted them in building their investment portfolio as a time poor experienced investor.

Read our client stories

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Our approach

3 things you need to know about the Binnari approach to property investment

1. Our unique property selection

One of the most common mistakes investors make is purchasing properties in over-supplied, investor hotspots. We help our clients to purchase properties with strong local “owner occupier” appeal, in locations where vacancies are low and demand from local buyers is strong. Locating a property in a market that is about to go through a growth cycle is also crucial in generating the best investment returns, something Binnari clients achieve through our detailed approach to market analysis.

Our strict research criteria makes finding the right investment properties more difficult, however with our dedicated approach to travel we’re able to ensure Binnari clients have the best opportunity for long term success.

2. Our research team is on the road 11 months of the year

Our research team spends 11 months of the year on the road. There is information that you can get only when you’re on the ground. They can’t be seen on paper. The depth of our knowledge and experience is how we help serious property investors build their portfolios efficiently and with confidence.

Our investment options range from off-the-plan through to completed. We know better than anyone that every property looks brilliant in the plans and artist’s impression. That’s why our selection process is ruthless and time-consuming (for us, not you).

3. Our team will guide you through the entire investment process

We will proactively work with you through your entire investment journey. This starts with understanding your investment objectives and only ends once your property has been rented out.

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