with a local

The Tiller Coffee Cafe 18 Mina Parade, Alderly, Qld

How long have you worked here?

We opened in 2013, so coming up to 8 years!

Have you noticed any changes in the area?

Being an inner-city suburb, the area has had a lot of change in the past 5 years we’re meeting new people all the time! Though we still have the old faithful’s who have been coming to us since the very beginning. Fun fact;

Alderly used to be called Three Mile Scrub because it was about that far from the city.

What is your favourite thing about area?

We love the local chimney on Mina Parade. We think it’s a real feature to the area and a throwback to its history.

It’s always a talking point for any new comers to the area.

What kind of people do you think are attracted to the area?

It’s a real mix to be honest. Which we love because it creates a really exciting culture in the community.

What’s your favourite eatery around here?

Definitely the Ploughman Bar!

Where does one get the best coffee?

The Tiller of course!

Where would you grab a beer or wine?

I would have to say The Ploughman Bar again.

Is there much to do around here on a weekend?

There are some beautiful walks and bike rides a long the creek, heaps of local parks around for you to enjoy a BBQ, and lots of easily accessible cafés and restaurants. You would never get bored here!

What would you say makes the area special?

We were just discussing this the other day. We have a growing community of dwellers and small business who really care about making Alderley great. Everyone who lives here loves it here and you can feel that.

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