Chris and Carly, NSW

Property Purchased:

Brisbane, QLD

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$520 pw

Chris and Carly – 37, Central Coast, NSW

  • Wanted to build wealth for their family 
  • Considered property investment before, but didn’t think it was achievable
  • Was introduced to Binnari by their financial planner


  • Rented within 1 week of settlement
  • The median house price in the suburb has increased 27% in the last year and a half to $940,000
  • Chris & Carly achieved a rental return of 4.8% providing them with a cash flow positive investment

Challenges and concerns

Chris and Carly reached out to Montara Wealth for financial advice (Binnari’s sister company). They had previously thought about property investing but they believed it was not achievable given Carly was on parental leave.

“We didn’t really know how to go about property investment so we originally just put it aside. It wasn’t until Binnari showed us what we could do with our money, which made it an easy decision to go ahead with it. If we hadn’t started working with Binnari we wouldn’t have gone ahead with property investment.”.

“We tossed up investing in shares but knew despite Australia’s lockdowns it was the better option at the time.”

Chris and Carly started working with Binnari right when the pandemic hit Australia with Queensland borders opening and shutting.

“We were a little bit hesitant at the start, and definitely had thoughts to back out. The property that we were going to go ahead with was in Brisbane, so not being able to physically see the property was another reason for our hesitancy.”

“However, Binnari arranged for the property developer to go into the property and take a lot of photos of the whole property. We also arranged a defects report which was handed over to the developer to fix any issues that were found. Because we’re first time investors we don’t know what we’re doing, so Binnari brought things to our attention that we never would have thought of such as arranging a depreciation report to be done. We wouldn’t have known to do any of these things if we were doing this all on our own.”

“Binnari was really accommodating with all our questions. We would call them on multiple occasions sounding very anxious. But they knew the situation and what we were facing and really put our minds at ease. Looking back we’re so glad we went through with it given the house prices now.”

“When we discussed with family that we were going ahead with property investment, they were quite concerned. However, personally we always trusted Binnari and the process”.

How We Helped

Working with Binnari

“When we had our first meeting with Binnari, they laid out three great options, one property in Melbourne and two options in Brisbane, showing us the pros and cons of each. The information about each property was in depth and we never felt like there was a hard sell”.

“The biggest question we had was how the rental market would perform. Once we decided to start this process, the next concern was that we really couldn’t afford to have this property untenanted. So it was actually through Binnari’s help and engaging with a property manager that we had a tenant lined up before we even settled. That really put our mind at ease.”

“This whole process has been extremely easy. We’ve had this property for 12 months now and we’ve have to do next to nothing. We’ve have a great tenant who is looking to stay long term, and even going through the purchase and signing contracts was simple.”

“During this whole process our kid was only 1 years old so it really helped”.

Property Selection

In July 2020, Chris & Carly purchased their townhouse in Brisbane. The bayside location continues to grow in its desirability and was selected by Binnari due to it’s tightly held rental market and quickly increasing house prices. The development was apart of a broader estate which attracted a really high proportion of owner occupiers.

The Outcome

The property has been tenanted since settlement with the same tenant since. They were also able to increase the rent which the tenants were fine with. They have achieved a rental return of 4.8% which allows them to hold the property at no cost, after tax.

The market has also increased and Chris and Carly will have achieved strong capital growth in a short time frame. We expect to continue to see the Brisbane market strengthen with Chris & Carly set to benefit strongly.

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Hear from Chris and Carly

“The major advantage of working with Binnari is that they do everything for you. It was just so easy. They gave us the property options with rental projections and research into the area – it was just amazing and invaluable.”

Hear from Chris and Carly

“If we invest again we will absolutely go through Binnari. We’ve been absolutely thrilled with how everything has turned out.”

Hear from Chris and Carly

“You would also just assume that purchasing a property is a complex process. But this process has been made so simple for us. Having the baby and not having the time to go into that research ourselves was really helpful”.

Hear from Chris and Carly

“I would encourage people to engage professionals, financial advisors and property advisors. Just to use an example we know some people who think they’re experts in property investing, purchasing and selling investment properties in their area. Even though they are purchasing properties they aren’t getting ahead. They would never consider purchasing in another state so I would just highly recommend engaging a professional”.

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Chris and Carly wanted to build wealth for their family and considered property investment before, but didn’t think it was achievable.

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