Madeliene, NSW

Property Purchased:

Brisbane, QLD

Property type:





$500 pw

Madeliene – 24, Sutherland Shire, NSW

  • Wanted to get into the property market to eventually purchase a place to live in Sydney and start a family
  • Unsure on what to type of property/where to purchase
  • Was introduced to Binnari by her financial planner 


  • The property can be rented at $500 per week which would leave Madeliene with a cash flow positive investment
  • After Madeliene purchased, prices within the development were increased by approximately $30,000 
  • Median house price in the area has increased by 15% since Madeliene’s purchase 

Challenges and concerns

Madeliene knew she wanted to get into the property market, however, she was concerned about her ability to purchase in Sydney as it seemed to be too expensive. 

“After speaking with Binnari and discussing the pros and cons of purchasing a place to live vs an investment property, I decided that the investment was the better option based on the money I had as well as having the ability to purchase outside of Sydney.”

“I hadn’t really considered conducting my own research for an investment property as I don’t have the time, I’m not particularly interested in property research and I really didn’t know where to start. I knew I wanted to invest in property, however, I needed to leave it up to the experts to do it for me.”

“Before working with Binnari I was unsure of how they were paid but that made it clear right from the beginning, explaining that they take a cut from the developer”.

How We Helped

Working with Binnari

Madeliene was working with Binnari during the pandemic with unpredictable travel restrictions. Madeliene found a huge advantage in working with Binnari as they were able to take a quick one day trip up to Brisbane right before Sydney’s second lockdown to check out the best property options for Madeliene. Binnari knowing the area well and having existing relationships with developers, meant that Madeliene didn’t have to do any of the travelling herself and that she could rely on the Binnari team to conduct all the research. 

“I didn’t know anything about the Brisbane property market, so knowing that they could guide me in the right direction and understand my situation to then figure out the best option for me personally was really helpful. That was why I wanted to speak to a professional in the beginning, because I knew there was so much advice out there, but receiving personal advice was much more comforting”.

“I was surprised at how easy the process was. Binnari really understood my situation and what I wanted to get out of the process, providing multiple options for me to look at. But they also were able to explain the research behind why they have chosen particular properties, such as the local demand and how the area has previously performed. The fact that I didn’t have to conduct any of the research was really beneficial. I also felt comfortable asking questions and there was always quick, clear, friendly communication. Even the paperwork and dealing with a lawyer was so simple. Binnari were reassuring throughout the whole process”.

The Outcome

Madeliene purchased a three bedroom townhouse in Brisbane, QLD. The townhouse will be delivered to an exceptional standard and will continue to attract high demand from local renters and owner occupiers.

As at December 2021, the vacancy rate in the area Madeliene bought is 0.4% which indicates historically low levels. On completion a rent of $500 per week will be very achievable and will leave Madeliene with a cash flow positive investment after tax.

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“Definitely speak to a professional. It’s great to have the guidance, even to know if I’m filling out a form correctly. Since my property was off the plan, the place didn’t have blinds and Binnari knew to make sure those were included – I wouldn’t have known to think about that.”

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